Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Circlelord Micro-Filler Templates

Circlelord Micro-Filler templates are 18" square. Each has two micro patterns that are about 1 inch square, with lines about 1/8th" to 1/4" apart.

They fit on the Base plate, either on the back, or front (APQS only).

Greek Key'n Maze Set

Greek Key'n Maze Close up
Patterns are 1" square

Surf'n Herringbone

Surf'n Herringbone Closeup

Quilt by Georgene
I had this Quilt of Valor on my Millie when my new Circle Lord order arrived from Michael and Kay. So I used the new background filler templates for the gold/tan areas surrounding the large center star.
I worked from the front and therefore was able to easily control filling a non-square area....being able to see where I needed to stop and stitch in the ditch to travel to next row.
I love the affect. This is Warm and Natural batting, which doesn't have much definition. I'm sure on another batting the texture would be more prominent.
The Quilting Divas of Yorktown, VA, who made this quilt, liked it too.

Samples by Sheri Butler

Sheri Took these with her camera. Better photos will be coming.
Read Sheri's posting 

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